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Cranberry Sauce

11月 14, 2021 2 min read

Take your Thanksgiving dinner to a whole new level by serving this must have cranberry sauce. This sweet and tart sauce can be made in a matter of a few minutes with minimal effort using Multo™ by CookingPal®. Just leave Multo™ cooking the sauce for you and do your other house chores without any worries. Cranberry sauce makes a perfect pairing with Thanksgiving Turkey, they exist for each other.

How to make Cranberry Sauce with Multo by CookingPal?

1. Prepare the ingredients.

Wash, zest and juice the orange. Wash cranberries. Leave the rest to Multo™ by CookingPal®.

2. Cook the sauce.

Use Multo™, your multi purpose cooking agent to first blend and process the cranberries using its blending function. The bottom part of Multo™ contains a heating element which continuously cooks cranberries into sauce.

3. Pour into jar and enjoy!

Once it is cooked, allow it to be cooled. Pour it into a sterilized jar and use it as a flavoring or side dish with turkey or any meat on thanksgiving.

Cooking tips and tricks

  • Allow the cranberry sauce to be completely cooled before store into the fridge.
  • Add some more water after it’s prepared, to make it saucy to your liking.
  • Serve it at room temperature or a bit chilled for a vibrant taste.
  • Remove bitterness from the sauce by adding one tablespoon maple syrup and one teaspoon sweet fruit drink like apple or orange juice.
  • Add cinnamon, allspice or citrus to complement and make it toothsome.
  • It is refrigerated and stays fresh for up to 2 weeks. However, to give it a prolonged life, freeze it. (Now it can be used for 6 months)

What are the variations of cranberry sauce?

  • Goes well with any type of meat such as turkey, chicken, and beef.
  • Can be served with variety of cheese like brie, cream cheese, gouda, and swiss cheese.
  • It also pairs well with chili sauce and orange juice.

The final verdict on the Cranberry Sauce - how does it taste?

Spice up your Christmas or thanksgiving with cranberry sauce ( You’ll get addicted, we guarantee). This cranberry sauce is:
  • Sweet
  • Tart
  • Fruity
  • Flavorful
  • & Satisfying!
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