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Sweet Potatoes with Tahini Sauce

8月 02, 2021 2 min read

Sweet potatoes with tahini sauce is a popular side dish throughout the Mediterranean and in the Middle East. Multo™ by CookingPal® has a steamer that is perfect for steaming the sweet potatoes, and then you make a flavor-packed vegan sauce to drizzle on top - all in one bowl! This dish is creamy, nutty, and tangy and serves great as a main dish or accompanying side to your preferred protein.

How to make sweet potatoes with tahini sauce using Multo™ by CookingPal®?

1. Toast the sesame seeds.

One of Multo™’s many functions is cooking ingredients in the mixing bowl. Use this function to toast the sesame seeds.

2. Emulsify.

Multo™ easily combines the oil with the grated sesame seeds in just 30 seconds thanks to the high speed and special design of the blade.

3. Blend the sauce.

Continue to blend sauce ingredients until they are fully incorporated.

4. Steam the sweet potatoes with the steamer.

Use the included Steamer to cook the sweet potatoes; they are also great to steam large amounts of food in both trays.

5. Arrange and enjoy!

Top sweet potatoes with the tahini sauce and enjoy!

Cooking tips and tricks

  • You can substitute store-bought tahini in this recipe by reducing the amount of sesame seeds that you toast for the garnish.

What are the variations of these sweet potatoes with tahini sauce?

  • You can make different variations of the tahini sauce to spice up this dish:
    • Yogurt Tahini Dressing: Stir yogurt and tahini dressing together until smooth, and adjust the quantities to get to your preferred consistency.
    • Garlic Tahini Dressing: Add crushed garlic to the tahini dressing, starting with one cl0ve per 2oz of dressing, and adjust to your liking.

Required Accessories


The final verdict on these sweet potatoes - how do they taste?

These sweet potatoes are made with little preparation and are packed with great flavors. They’re:

  • Smooth
  • Fiber-rich
  • Starchy
  • Vegan-friendly
  • & Uniquely delicious!

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