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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Multo do?

Multo helps even the most novice of cooks to create amazing restaurant-quality meals right at home, with minimal effort. It combines more than a dozen kitchen appliance functions into one device – serving as a food processor, scale, steamer, kneading machine, slow cooker, mixer, blender, rice cooker, stir fryer, and much more.

The included Smart Kitchen Hub – a dedicated, kitchen-tough tablet – comes preloaded with an ever-expanding library of smart guided recipes which are updated weekly, including sides, spreads and dips, mains, soups, desserts, baked treats and drinks.

What is guided cooking?

Multo’s ever-expanding library of smart guided recipes are updated monthly.  Simply browse the Smart Kitchen Hub by category or search function and select one you would like to cook. Each recipe has step-by-step photos and/or videos explaining each individual step in detail - just add in the ingredients as instructed and hit the Start button - and let Multo cook for you.

You control Multo remotely using the Hub and monitor cooking progress - letting you step away from the kitchen with your portable Smart Kitchen Hub.

Where can I find the recipes?

Multo recipes are available through the Smart Kitchen Hub and the companion app. Plan your meals by browsing and saving recipes in advance so you’ll never run out of ideas on what to cook.

If the recipe you’re looking for isn’t available, you can request it through the Hub with the ‘Request a Recipe’ feature and let our teams bring your recipe to the Hub.

What are Multo’s prepping and cooking functions?

Multo’s prepping functions include cut, chop, puree, grind, knead, grate, weigh/scale and more saving you time and manual effort when preparing your homecooked favorites.

Aside from guided cooking, Multo comes with various cooking functions, including steam, sauté, boil, mix, emulsify, keep warm. With Manual mode you can make use of settings that are customizable according to your own recipe and preferences.

How does Multo clean itself?

Multo comes with 2 self-cleaning modes: a Quick Wash and a Deep Clean. For both options, simply add some dishwashing liquid and water then pour out the soapy water and give the bowl a quick rinse to remove any remaining soap.