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CookingPal Review, Customer Reviews and What Others Are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it.

Real-life reviews from inspired home-cooks. Why do they love Multo®?

CookingPal Review, Customer Reviews and What Others Are Saying

What do other home-cooking Pals say about Multo®?

Heather @Spicyapron

Heather @Spicyapron

“With easy meal prep recipes, CookingPal Multo makes healthy eating achievable”

Lindsey, mamanowwhat

Lindsey, mamanowwhat

“It’s the coolest gadget we have in our kitchen and the kids love helping me use it!”

Earn while youcook & share

Earn while youcook & share

Love to share your favorite products & help friends in the process? They trust your opinion they inspire others to enjoy a Multo of their own. If you believe everyone deserves the convenience of healthy, home-cooked meals, share the love & join us now

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    Michael M.
    United States United States

    Awsome cooling machine!!!!

    Its nice to know that when after a hectic day I can gather my ingredients, follow the media instructions and enjoy easily cooked, delicious meal!! Way to go CookingPal!!! I am very glad I got my unit!



    Thank you, Michael! Its important for us to hear you enjoy cooking with Multo. Hope you'll continue creating yummy meals with Multo!

    A CookingPal® Customer
    Daniel K.
    United States United States

    The futures so bright, we gotta wear shades

    The Multo platform is a beautiful symphony of exceptional hardware combined with user-friendly software. I love this appliance and can’t wait to see how it’s footprint is expanded in the culinary world!



    Thanks Daniel! We're glad you appreciate the build quality. A lot of engineering went into making Multo. Its definitely an impressive piece of hardware that we're proud of!

    United States United States

    Incredible Kitchen Appliance

    This is an amazing kitchen appliance. It walks me through a recipe with ease. All of the ingredients are on the screen with the proper amounts to be used. I can plan a meal for 2 or even 6 people. I like that everything goes in the stainless-steel bowl or the steamer. The mashed potatoes that I made were perfect and fluffy. Clean-up was easy since the Multo has a cleaning cycle. I highly recommend this product. I can't wait to make soups.



    Hey Billster, we love that you're happy with being able to feed up to six people. It's definitely a key advantage that Multo has over competitors! Speaking of soups, have you tried our tortellini tomato soup? It's amazing:

    Jason L.
    United States United States

    Part of my day to day.

    My Multo has become a very regular part of my weekly meal prep! It's been wonderful not having to chop and cook, and just set it to do its thing. I've been sticking to pretty basic recipes while I get it dialed in, but it's fully cheating, and I love it. Lots of steaming vegetables for the week, and I made a chili to freeze. It's great for batch prep so I don't have to think about meals throughout the week. Very handy for a guy with a three year old :).



    Prep on, Jason! We're huge fans of efficiency, obviously - which is essential when you've got a toddler running around! We're sure your little one is going to be a fan of our mac and cheese recipe:

    Olga V.
    United States United States

    Great cooking assistant

    Device is very user friendly and easy to use, love build-in scale feature and self clean function. Guided recipes are proportioned property, every dish i cooked came out tasty. The only concern is the limited number of main dishes, it’s very little variety so far, Good thing is five new recipes are added every week. I wish Multo had more seafood based main dishes. Multo truly saves time and helps to experience new flavors that I would have never cooked myself.



    Hi Olga, thanks for your review! We're glad you found the dishes tasty, and we're working on new recipes that updates every week! If you have any suggestions, we're always happy to receive them over in our CookingPal community over on Facebook ( -- hope to see you there!

    Patricia L.
    United States United States

    Great for inexperienced cooks and experienced cooks. Those in between might find it frustrating.

    I am a very experienced cook, and a kitchen gadget junkie, I also live in a very tiny house, so I want anything I own to have multiple functions. I got my cooking pal and was happy to find it takes up just a bit more space than an instapot, not including the hub. With both, I would say about the size of a bread maker. I am working my way through to see how well it replaces my "absolutely necessary" kitchen appliances; rice cooker, high speed blender and mixer. The recipes included may frustrate some people as they are not as intuitive as they could be, and many beginning chefs may balk at the number of ingredients and steps. Experienced cooks need to understand there is a learning curve to the different functions, but once you have that figured out, this robot is a dream ! My first test was bread, checking out the kneading function. I used a standard bread recipe, which I think they should include. I used manual settings. Altogether about 5 minutes hands on, it measured, proofed the yeast, and mixed the dough perfectly. Popped it from the cooker to the bread pan, let sit for another fifteen minutes, and into the oven. Perfect bread ! I think the only mistake the manufacturer makes is that they assume everyone wants to be a gourmet cook, and their recipes reflect that. Simplify the recipes for those who just want to make a good meal with less hassle and cleanup....that is the weak spot. I know how to cook and adapt recipes, so it is easy for me to see the benefits, but this is marketed to beginning cooks. Simplify the recipes for beginners and expand the information on manual controls for experienced cooks. I doubt I will ever use the included recipes, but I already see how I can use this as my "sous chef". Update. Second time cooking. This time I used the chop and saute, manual mode. I find that using the manual modes is much more intuitive than the guided recipes. From my experience with this machine, they could have left out the "guided recipe" nonsense and just produced a cookbook with steps. The machine is not controlled by the hub, the hub just shows you steps. If you are already a decent cook, this is a wonderful tool.

    CookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System Review


    Hi Patricia, Thanks for sharing your experience! Kneading is just one of many functions that Multo does better than most people are able to manage by hand. It sure is hard to beat a well-engineered machine for consistency! We've continued to add new beginner-friendly recipes every week since your review, so there should be a lot more to choose from in our library. Have you tried our pull-apart mustard bread with cheese? Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

    Katherine L.
    United States United States

    All in ONE cooking Robot! Amazing!!!

    I have been using other brand's similar product for years! This new Multo is awesome! You can throw away your old blender, food processor, steamer...... Big size of the cooking bowl, more powerful but quiet, you don't need to wait for the motor to cool down when set to level 10 in compare with other brand I have been using! Easier to remove the blades for washing! No extra cost on guided cooking recipe! All included! Enjoy a lot on such a fantastic machine for cooking! Super..........

    United States United States

    The Multi has given more variety to our dinners

    I love the Multo! While I do still have some prep-work to do (as is expected), it really has taken a lot of the hassle of dinner prep away (like chopping onions :-D). We had been in a funk of cooking the same recipes and a lot of times new recipes would scare me away because of the ingredients listed. The recipes on Multo are easy to follow, if there are some exotic ingredients, I don't mind heading to the store to grab those, and many of the recipes use fresh herbs, which makes us feel good about what we eat (and has led me to start my own indoor herb garden). The recipes are very flavorful and my husband has really loved most of what I have made (couldn't fool him with the cauliflower mashed potatoes though - But I found them delicious). In the end, this was a very good investment for our family.



    Hey Janine, Super excited that you are able to follow the recipes easily - our own team (non-chefs included) is always testing them out here in our kitchen, to be sure they work for users like you. Do let us know if there are any particular recipes you would like to see!

    United States United States

    Earning a spot in my kitchen!!!

    This Multo is definitely earning a spot in my kitchen! So far I have only made a couple of meals so I will base my reviews on that. I don't really leave reviews but since this is quite expensive I thought it would be helpful to others who are interested!! The machine came highly recommended by a friend and I watched some Youtube videos as well. Its basically a blender, with a kitchen aid and cuisinart that ALSO cooks!! It has multiple cooking functions (like saute and keep warm) and a guided mode - which is like a cookbook in tablet form - it tells you what to do and also controls the machine. I'll be honest - at first I was a bit daunted because I like to cook and have been doing it a certain way for many years but it was amazingly fun to use!! and I love the fact that you dont have to scour the internet for ideas of what to cook since it is all right there on the tablet. I started with their recipes and made Chili Con Carne - a beginner recipe. It was fantastic! But the MOST amazing thing is the process which is SO so easy. I mainly just added ingedients into the pot and the machine both mixed and cooked for me. I also tried the asparagus risotto (tedious to make usually because of the constant stirring but here the machine did it all for me) The result was thick, creamy and cheesy - although I made a note to add a bit more liquid and to let it stand at the end for it to absorb a bit more. They have live cooking demos which are actually super helpful! They shared some useful tips, like the adjustable settings inside each recipe step that allowed me to change things like heat or time or how to use the scale (yup- you can even weigh ingedients!!) It's something I wouldnt have known before so I would recommend watching them. There is certainly a learning curve with this machine BUT it is very easy. I would imagine that anyone with a busy life style (or a small kitchen) would really enjoy this and the home cooked meals. And if you don't know how to cook this is perfect because it does the work for you! I like the fact that I don't need to think about what to cook next!!!

    CookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System ReviewCookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System Review
    elena m.
    United States United States

    Makes meal prep super easy

    After eating out WAY too much since the pandemic started, finally decided to get serious about cooking and meal prep so that I can feel healthy again. Fell a little bit into the kitchen appliance gadget rabbit hole when I came across this on YouTube and thought it looked way too good to be true. Spoiler alert: it’s actually AWESOME. It arrived in nice packaging and the machine feels well built. It was bigger than I thought but I found a space in the corner for it. It came with a lot of accessories and I was worried I was going to have to actually read the manual to learn everything, but setting up turned out to be really easy with their tablet. Their recipes are also literally step by step so you just can’t go wrong with that, even if you don’t cook a lot (like me). Something I noted is that the lid only goes in ONE WAY and needs a bit of force to make sure it’s shut tightly. The first thing I tried was this beef stew with bacon and ale. There were some herbs that I didn’t have when I looked at the ingredient list, but I decided to go ahead anyway and it turned out pretty great! The stew was very tasty, and since I had some leftover, I went ahead and threw them in the freezer over the weekend. Next I made the mashed cauliflower since I thought that was a good match with the stew and that turned out pretty creamy and delicious too! It feels like a healthier alternative to mash potatoes. Cooking was really easy (and even fun!) with the step by step instructions. Cleanup is very easy. There’s a ‘clean’ function inside the ‘Modes’ and I selected a 3 minute clean. It got everything off—all I had to do was just give it a quick run under the tap to make sure the bubbles were out. Ran my finger through the side of the bowl and it felt squeaky clean. Would definitely recommend. It’s a bit pricy, but considering all the takeout dollars that it’s going to save me in the long run, I think it’s worth it. Update: I keep experimenting with newly added recipes. Today I made chickpea curry. It came out delicious!!!

    CookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System ReviewCookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System ReviewCookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System ReviewCookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System Review
    United States United States

    Literally like having a digital chef at home!

    I am amazed by this machine and the technology behind it. It does many things for you, it cooks, weighs, boils, blends, steams, chops etc. so instead of having many machines at home (and I have a tiny kitchen living in a studio apartment in New York City), all I need is this one machine. The Hub (the iPad that comes with the machine) guides you through the whole process and you basically control the machine to cook for you with a click away on this iPad. All you have to do is to choose from their many recipes of what to cook today, and grocery shop your ingredients. They also constantly upload new recipes to their system. The machine also cleans itself! I'm done thinking after a long day at work and I don't have to think at all what to do when I cook my dinner, and I don't really need to know how to cook too. I have got this for a week and I must admit I am a little obsessed.

    CookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System ReviewCookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System ReviewCookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System ReviewCookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System Review
    US US

    Opening up new possibilities for cooking

    I am a fairly good cook, and enjoy cooking/eating good food. I’ve been cooking more (especially during Covid), but feel like I’ve been stuck in a rut of making the same few dishes. I was looking for a smart kitchen appliance that would help me step up my game in the kitchen. I saw CookingPal Multo being showcased on Live with Kelly and Ryan and knew it was what I was missing. I loved the idea that one appliance combines so many functions. I liked the clean and sleek design, and especially loved that this can replace most of my kitchen appliances. When I saw that it was available on Amazon, I had no excuse to not have it on my doorstep in 2 days (Thank you Amazon Prime ). The box arrived in great shape, everything was secured and was nicely packaged. The setup was a breeze as each part was clearly labeled and guided you through it step by step. Once everything was set up, I powered up the tablet control hub that came with, and then connected it to the wifi and multi cooker. One of my favorite functions of the CookingPal is that it’s a smart product, which updates its software like a cellphone. This is a huge perk as it downloads new recipes, which allows me to be more creative and adventurous in the kitchen. After browsing through the recipes on the tablet and running a quick clean, I chose the butternut squash soup recipe. I like soup, but I rarely prepare it from scratch because of the amount time and steps it takes to make it, so I thought this would be the perfect test for the Multo. It was very user friendly and the tablet guides you through each step of the recipe. It gives you a call to action to complete before moving on to the next step. This makes it easy to follow and takes out the second guessing I normally have when I use recipes from a book. I put in the ingredients and hit chop and mix function, this was cool to see the Multo in action with just a single flick of a finger. Some of the butternut squash were cut larger than suggested (the kids helped chopped lol) I did have to run the chop function a couple of times to get the ingredients chopped fine enough (not a big issue, but something you need to pay attention). When the chopping was done I clicked to the next step and the Multo started to mix and sauté the ingredients with the built-in cooking function. Then I poured in the rest of ingredients to begin boiling and cooking the rest of the ingredients. The Multo has a timer set based on the serving size and boils until the squash was fully cooked. Once done, I clicked puree and the soup was blended and ready to be served. Wow! This saved me over 45 minutes and tons of dishes (pot, sauté pan, chopping board, blender, mixer, knife, etc..) since Multo combines all the functions into one machine. My family loved the soup and the kids even asked for seconds! Afterwards I ran the self-clean function and it was SO easy to clean (soap & water)! I love that CookingPal gives you a complete list and measurements of ingredients based on the total amount of serving size. This is great especially if I am making a spicy dish for just my husband and I vs for our whole family. This takes the guessing game out and makes it so easy. I also love that I can get the kids involved. They can flip through and pick recipes that they want to try, which makes meal time no longer a struggle. I have made 3 recipes so far (butternut squash soup, garlic & herb butter and cauliflower gratin) and they all turned out deliciously (hubby and kids approved)! Multo not only gives you a recipe, it guides you through it and trains you to be a better cook like your own personal teacher. I’d recommend Multo for people who love to cook, want to try cooking new recipes and are looking for ways to reduce time and dishes in the kitchen.

    CookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System ReviewCookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System Review


    Hey Katherine, We're big soup fans as well, for good reason - Multo makes it super easy! Be sure and keep an eye on our recipe library as we've been cooking up some good ones lately. We hope you'll try them as well!

    Irina Y.
    United States United States

    The food comes out tasting delicious, natural and healthy !!!!!

    Love love love it! Used it everyday since I got it to cook for my family and got nothing but compliments from my husband (who can be a picky eater!) I’ve tried a bunch of their recipes so far, including breakfast, mains, and even cocktails! Honestly considering to move my mixer, blender and cooker into the garage to clear up some kitchen counter space. Our first meal with Multo was one of their guided recipes, farfalle with chicken meatballs. I used a different type of cheese and pasta than what they recommended but the meal still came out super creamy and delicious! I was really surprised how little time I had to spend over it, and I ACTUALLY walked away from the kitchen when the pasta was cooking when the baby started crying and came back to farfalle that was ready to serve! That was just a wow moment for me. I’ve since started experimenting with different recipes, and I just feel like I’m making much healthier meals. They have classic dishes like salmon and asparagus that just came out so great, and I was able to make a delicious berry drink at the end as a little treat. It’s amazing that I can cook meals AND make drinks all in this one machine! It does take a little time to get used to, but I actually am finding that cooking with it is surprisingly fun since I’m rediscovering how it is to cook my favorite dishes with it. The flavors really open up, especially with anything that requires mixing and blending, and when it’s cooking it smells so (so!!) good, it brings back memories of when my grandma used to cook. Overall highly recommended for any fellow mamas or home cooks out there! Makes a perfect gift for people who love to cook.

    CookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System ReviewCookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System ReviewCookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System ReviewCookingPal® Multo® Intelligent Cooking System Review


    Hi Irina, Picky eaters are our specialty! We all love cooking together as well - letting Multo handle most of the prep work and being able to walk away while cooking gives you the side benefit of free time together, or being able to look after the little ones. Hope you continue to discover more possibilities!

    Fawzia H.
    United States United States

    Cook smarter not harder

    The best kitchen Robot in US



    Hi Fawzia, thanks for your review and we're glad to hear that you enjoy cooking with Multo. Feel free to share the stuff you cook with us over on Facebook or Instagram @cookingpalofficial!

    Astrid A.
    United States United States

    Multó CookingPal

    I have prepared a couple of recipes and they were delicious. I keep learning to handle it in the most effective way



    Hi Astrid, glad to hear this! Please be sure to tag us @cookingpalofficial if you ever create any new dishes! We'd love to see what our users do with them :)

    Steven D.
    United States United States

    Amazing Cooking Appliance

    I bought this, and it came packaged so nicely and even explained how to unbox it. It is a beautiful appliance and the first dish we made was the Broccoli, cheddar and beer soup. It was amazingly easy with step by steps instructions and tasted great.



    Wow, thanks for the review Steven! We really appreciate you as one of our first customers and for leaving a review. :) Hope you'll continue to cook great things with your Multo!

    It eliminates the need for multiple kitchen devices and allows you to do all of your cooking in one place. Multo was thoughtfully engineered and makes restaurant quality meals a realistic possibility.

    There are dozens (maybe hundreds) of guided recipes available so far, and they are just what they sound like. You get step-by-step instructions that make cooking easy, even for an inexperienced chef.

    The Multo is a real game changer in the kitchen. It’s not without a learning curve, but it has the potential to be the MVP of kitchen appliances.