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Understanding Multo®'s blade

Understanding Multo®'s blade

April 28, 2024 1 min read

    Multo®'s Blade Design

    Multo®'s blade is designed so that it will be able to chop (and related functions like cut, grind, grate etc.) or stir (and related functions like mix, emulsify etc.) depending on the direction of which the blade is spinning. 

    • For chop functions, the blade will spin clockwise.
    • For stir functions, the blade will spin counter-clockwise.

    In Manual mode, you'll be able to control the direction of the blade for custom functions. We have a Welcome Booklet which you can refer to in order to understand Multo® and its Manual mode more.


    In earlier software versions you'll see Manual mode options for Blade Direction as 'Clockwise' and 'Counter-clockwise'. This has since been changed to 'Chop' and 'Stir'. If you see that your Manual mode still has the label 'Clockwise' and 'Counter-clockwise', we recommend you to update the software.


    Safety Information

    Multo®'s blade is sharp. To avoid injuring yourself, always remove Multo®'s blade by unlocking the bottom of the bowl upright, then removing the blade from the top nub (rather than touching the blade edges.) You can view this video for a demonstration on how to safely remove the blade.

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