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How do I set up my Multo®?

How do I set up my Multo®?

April 28, 2024 1 min read

    Once you received your Multo®, it is time to set it up. First, make sure to remove all the packing materials and check the appliance for transport damages. Clean the appliance and all the accessories following the “Cleaning & Maintenance” section in the User Manual. We recommend to keep in mind the following when choosing the set up location:

    1. Keep your Multo® in a permanent position in your kitchen where you can operate it easily. Make sure that your Multo® is placed on a clean, solid, and even surface to avoid accidents.

    2. Ensure that the ventilation opening located at the back of Multo® is kept clean and free from grease splashes, etc.

    3. Plug in and switch on the main unit following the “Switching the Main Unit On/Off” chapter in the User Manual.

    4. Charge the Hub for the first time following the “Charging the Hub” chapter in the User Manual. Charge for at least 3 hours to ensure that the battery is full.

    5. Follow instructions on the Hub to connect and pair the appliance with the Hub.


    Follow this tutorial for more details:

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