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World Cuisine Meal Plan- week 3

March 16, 2023 2 min read

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    There are ingredients that play an important role across all forms of cuisine the green onion as multiple names such and spring onion, or scallions they offer a soft onion flavor and is used commonly for garnishing in Asian cuisine. Part of the allium family it offers good benefits such as improving heart health, lower cholesterol and great for diabetes.

    Probably universally the most used herb or spice garlic is global. It has been used through out time in healing for its anesthetic and antibiotic properties, it has also been suggested that it can help prevent forming cancerous cells. With a strong pungent flavor, it must be used in moderation in cooking but great in just about any foods. Slow cook it, sweat it or even eat it raw!!!

    Lastly ginger is another super spice it contains gingerol which is the natural component of ginger root, benefits include speeding up your digestive system and seen to act as a natural aid to battle nausea by encouraging stomach emptying can which relieve the discomforts of nausea. It can be eaten in sweet, spicy foods and even used in tea making.


    Chicken and Broccoli Rice Noodle Bowls

    Make this noodle bowl for a homemade Chinese take-out style dish that is a great meal option for a busy weeknight.


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     Ginger Chicken Soup

    A flavorful chicken floating in a savory and spicy aromatic broth.


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    Ginger Dressing

    An Asian-inspired salad dressing that is perfect with roasted vegetables or salad for a keto-friendly diet.


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    Shopping trolley  Complete Shopping List:

    2oz / 60ml oyster sauce
    3.8oz / 110 ml sesame oil
    6oz / 170ml rice vinegar
    2oz / 60ml mirin
    4oz / 110ml soy sauce
    1 tsp honey
    16oz / 455g broccoli florets
    12oz / 340g dried rice vermicelli noodles (bún)
    2 fresh ginger roots
    6 cloves garlic
    1 jalapeño pepper
    9 springs spring onions
    2 tbsp white sesame seeds
    1 sprig fresh cilantro
    2  lemons
    48oz / 1400ml chicken broth
    50oz / 1,380g boneless skinless chicken breasts

    Have you stocked up on your staple ingredients? 

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