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What is MultoTM ?

Multo™ is the ultimate, easy-to-use, all-in-one intelligent cooking system that replaces all other appliances in your kitchen. You read that. It does it all:

 It can cook, blend, steam, knead, whisk, grind, emulsify, chop, grate, and even clean itself.

 With over ten culinary functions, Multo™ can also weigh ingredients with a built-in scale, regulate heat settings and self-time every step of the meal prep.

Multo™ comes with a growing collection of step-by-step photo and video guided recipes that turn even the most novice cook into a professional chef.

Step 1

Select your recipe

Pick your own favorite recipe, or use one of our expertly-curated recipes created specially for Multo™. 

Step 2

Gather your ingredients

Since Multo™ chops everything for you, the only prep needed is gathering your ingredients and measuring them per the recipe. 

Step 3

Follow the guided steps

Using the included tablet, add your ingredients or swap out accessories according to the recipe’s video- and photo-guided instructions. Press go on each of the functions within the app and watch Multo™ do all the work!

How Does It Work?

how does it cook?

Multo™ works with 4 main settings: time, temperature, speed and rotation of the blade.


Choose to process ingredients within seconds or cook for up to 99 minutes for more enhanced flavors.


Heating elements at the bottom of the bowl allow to heat the surface up to 265°F / 130°C to boil, steam, sauté and cook all inside one pot.


Use Turbo to mince ingredients within seconds without getting your hands dirty or simmer and keep warm already cooked dish for even distribution of flavors.


Stainless steel mixing blade comes with 4 individual profiles for gentle stirring, chopping and crushing even the hardest of ingredients, like ice, nuts or aged parmesan cheese.

Each part and accessory works to perform a different cooking function. All guided steps of its recipes are preset to the exact settings required to cook the dish and achieve perfect results each time.

All you’ll do is swap out accessories and press "start" based upon the instructional steps within the recipe.

It’s Really That Simple

We get it. Something this incredible really needs to be seen to be believed.
Check out our demo.

How Is Multo™ Controlled?

There are three ways to cook, and every one is designed precisely for your convenience.

Your Multo™ appliance comes with its own dedicated tablet. Not only does it store your recipes and your cooking instructions, but it also controls every action of Multo's movement. Start chopping, stop kneading, set a timer. You can do it all.

Have you left your kitchen and moved to the backyard? Don’t worry, you can leave the Hub on the counter and control all the same functions via our app and stay in control with real-time notifications via CookingPal App.

Are your hands full or are you just too far from your phone? Don’t worry, Multo™ works with your favorite home assistants and can be controlled through voice commands.
*coming soon

why do I need a Hub?

The Smart Kitchen Hub is tailor-made with durable features optimized for the tough kitchen environment but portable for use anywhere in the home. You no longer need to be in the kitchen to have control over cooking.


You no longer need to be in the kitchen to keep cooking under control.

Long Lasting
 Battery Life

Cook stress free with long lasting battery or keep charge with a Type-C USB cable during the longest of recipes.

IPX4 Splash
Resistant Screen

The Hub is made of durable materials that protect it even when cooking the messiest of recipes.

Jog Dial

When your fingers are wet or dirty, you can move from step to step with a quick twist of the jog dial.

How Do I Use The Different 
Cooking Modes?

Cooking modes allow you to whip up any of your family favorite recipes with a touch of a button. Steam, Knead, Sauté or choose to show off your culinary skills with the Manual mode.

 Let us show you how each one works and what accessories are used:













Does it come with recipes?

Find your next favorite meal from our recipe library that gets updated every week. Take the guesswork out of cooking with step-by-step photo and video recipe instructions created and tested by professional chefs exclusively for CookingPal®. Stews, risotto, ramen, meatballs, dumplings, cakes and shakes, recipes from all over the world at your fingertips. Cook 5-star quality dishes in less time than it takes to get delivery and control exactly what goes inside your next meal.

How does it clean itself?

We know the worst part of cooking is the clean up. Multo™ has two cleaning modes to do all the hard work for you.

 See both functions in action:

How do I clean the accessories?

Everything You Need For Cooking Is Included

There’s no upsell or subscription needed to use your Multo™. We’re all about simplicity, and every recipe we produce can be perfectly executed using our intelligent cooking system.

Storage Is Compact & Easy

Multo™ replaces all of your appliance. Which means you can toss out everything else taking up your precious counter space for a single device. All our accessories compactly stack together for simple organization and easy access.

Cook Smarter Not Harder

Stop wasting time in the kitchen when you could be out living. 

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2-Year Warranty

Multo™ comes with a two-year warranty that also covers all accessories.

30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

If you don't love it, return it and receive a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Quality Assurance

Multo's made with high quality stainless steel and BPA-free plastic inside a 100% recyclable package.