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Multo® is coming to Japan

Excited to bring Multo to Japan?

Meet Multo by CookingPal in person

Checkout the CookingPal Popup Booth in Shinjuku and Yurakucho

Shinjuku Marui Main Building, B1F
3 Chome-30-13 Shinjuku,
Shinkuku City, Tokyo
160-0022, Japan

Yurakucho Marui Online Store, 1F
2 Chome-7-1 Yurakucho,
Chiyoda City, Tokyo
100-0006, Japan

Understand what it can do in 1 minute

What is Multo®?

Multo is a multi-functional device that helps you prep, cook and clean. It has over 15 functions and can cook at multiple levels, meaning you can cook several ingredients simultaneously.

Your new multi-functional pal in the kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Hub (“Hub”)
A tablet to allow you remote control over Multo, which comes with hundreds of smart recipes that you can try -- all for free. Updated weekly with new recipes. 

CookingPal app
Allows you to remotely monitor Multo’s cooking progress and browse CookingPal’s smart recipes.

Recipes from the chef to you

Multo has a library of smart recipes. Filled with hundreds of recipes which were created and tested by chefs, with cuisines from all over the world, with new recipes added every week.

Cook them all with Multo in your own kitchen. 

An elegant kitchen

  • One compact, minimalistic device
  • 15+ cooking functions to help you prep, cook and clean. 
  • Replacing over 10 appliances
  • Do it all with Multo

Multi-functional is 

Multo's middle name

Multi-functional is Multo's middle name

Over 15 functions

and many more via Manual mode

Multo cleans itself


Multo cleans itself

Multo likes to stay clean, and comes with 2 cleaning modes to ensure it’ll stay in sparkling shape.

The future of cooking

Current features

New recipes updated every week over Wi-Fi.

Smart Kitchen Hub (“Hub”) with large, full-color, interactive display to control Multo.

Remotely monitor the cooking process with the Hub and CookingPal phone app.

Upcoming features

Food recognition & suggest recipes based on ingredients you have.

Cooking classes with professional chefs via the Hub.

Integrated shopping feature - shop the ingredients you need right on the recipe.


App remote control with the CookingPal App

  • Get inspired for dinner. Browse our ever-growing recipe library on the app.
  • Craving something particular? Filter recipes by ingredients. 
  • Save your favorite dishes and cook them whenever you like.
  • Step away from the kitchen when you’re cooking. Get real-time cooking notifications of your cooking progress.
  • Buy once, update forever. You’ll get access to all new features we roll out through our app.


Shaved Ice with Red Bean

Also known as Patbingsu, this is one of Korea’s most popular summer desserts. Soft and sweet, this tasty treat is perfect for hot summer days.

Chicken and Broccoli Noodle Bowl

A homemade Chinese-style dish that’s a great meal option for a busy weeknight. Use Multo for everything; from steaming the chicken to making the soup.

Sweet Potato with Tahini

A popular side dish throughout the Mediterranean and in the Middle East. This dish is creamy and tangy -- a great main dish or accompanying side to your preferred protein.

Caramel Flan

A sweeten egg custard with a caramel sauce coating on top. Soft, tender, delicate and satisfying. An excellent little dessert!

Matcha & Raspberry Swirled Coconut Custard Tartlets

Matcha powder and raspberries are used to create this duo-color combo, swirled inside this delicious tart.

Soya Milk

Full of amino acid, soya milk is perfect for the plant-based diet. Easily soak and blend in Multo -- and bonus? Add your favorite fruits to make your own soya fruit smoothie!