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May 5, 2023

Transform Your Cooking Game with CookingPal Ambassador Lindsey Noorda

Balancing the Kitchen, the Garden and the Gram

Meet Lindsey!

Also known as mamanowwhat, who has been an ambassador of CookingPal since early 2022.

Her Instagram and Pinterest accounts are hubs of inspiration, from dish plating to garden arrangements, and even home renovation hacks and festive decoration ideas.

 With over 1 million monthly views and a fast-growing, dedicated fan base who can’t get enough of her content.

Lindsey's Life

Lindsey and her family enjoy experimenting with different recipes with Multo in the comfort of their home. Multo's library of hundreds of recipes, with monthly additions of new ones, makes it easy for home cooks of all levels to create restaurant-quality appetizers, mains, desserts, sides, and even cocktails in their own kitchens. Lindsey loves sharing recipes that her audience craves because she believes that meals are the way to everyone’s heart.

We have learned SO MUCH from the Multo! It brings the FUN back into mealtime!

Cooking with Lindsey

  • 1. I became a food lover when...I turned 30, somehow my taste evolved and now I challenge myself to try everything!
  • 2. The person that inspired me to cook: My Grandpa. We used to make up different soup recipes together and name them after each other.
  • 3. First dish I cooked in my life: Cheesy Chicken Pasta!
  • 4. I love cooking with my family because of... The memories of laughter, even the spills, and just the joy of cooking together that we can pass down to generations.
  • 5. My kids' favorite at-home meal that I cook with Multo: Steak and broccoli! Or Salmon and broccoli.
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  • 6. My first impression of Multo: The future of cooking!
  • 7. My favorite Multo’s functionality: Steamer! I can meal prep a ton of veggies because the basket is so big!
  • 8. Product you want CookingPal to launch in the future: Juicer attachment for all my green juice!
  • 9. Multo is a must-have in my kitchen because: When I use the oven, especially during the summer months, it heats up my entire house! The Multo can be used on my counter, or my table or my island, and doesn’t overheat my house!

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How Multo Works

Multo helps even the most novice of cooks to create easy, healthy and restaurant-quality meals right at home, with minimal effort.

It combines more than a dozen kitchen appliance functions into one device – serving as a food processor, scale, steamer, kneading machine, slow cooker, mixer, blender, rice cooker, stir fryer, and much more.

It also comes with the portable Smart Kitchen Hub tablet, preloaded with an ever-expanding library of smart guided recipes. Multo lets you step away from the kitchen while making sure that you can track cooking progress from the Hub.

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Read more about Lindsey

Lindsey's Bio

Lindsey's bright and sunny personality gives away her Arizona roots, even in the cold climate of Salt Lake City, Utah where she currently resides. Lindsey takes pride in being a loving mother to Max and Madison, and her two fur babies Timmy and Mango. Together with her husband Tyson, who is also a fan of CookingPal. Apart from cooking together, the family also loves exploring fun activities outdoors. Lindsey's creativity is boundless, and she has an eye for unique visual representation. By day, Lindsey creates content that celebrates everyday living, while at night, she specializes in crafting beautiful wedding content that captures special moments. This is how she describes herself, “Design on a dime is in my blood! After a generation in my family, we all have a love for DIY and always redesigning our space!” Lindsey's enthusiasm for gardening, which she got from her dad, is evident in her backyard where she grows some of her own ingredients. By incorporating garden-fresh produce in her cooking, she can create healthy meals for her family, bringing the concept of "garden-to-table" to life.

  • @mamanowwhat
  • @mamanowwhat

Lindsey's Tips on Cooking with Kids

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Kid friendly recipe options

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 family-friendly cooking classes

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