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Hello planet loving friend

Whether you’re just starting to explore a plant-based diet or a dedicated vegan, Multo® can be your trusted pal in the kitchen in more ways than one.

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What is Multo®?

Multo is a multi-functional device that helps you prep, cook and clean. It has over 15 functions and can cook at multiple levels, meaning you can cook several ingredients simultaneously.

Your new multi-functional pal in the kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Hub (“Hub”)
A tablet to allow you remote control over Multo, which comes with hundreds of smart recipes that you can try -- all for free. Updated weekly with new recipes. 

CookingPal app
Allows you to remotely monitor Multo’s cooking progress and browse CookingPal’s smart recipes.

Keep your
diet fresh

Keep your diet fresh

Eating the same ol’ dishes gets stale fast. With Multo, try new recipes every week with the ever-expanding recipe library -- all of which you get for free

Learning with Multo is easy

Multo’s smart recipes makes learning new dishes easy and guaranteed to turn out great. Just follow the instructions and press Start.

One device to do it all

Cook more ingredients with less hassle. Chop, blend, steam, purée & more -- all in Multo. Have less in your sink and your dishwasher at the end of the day.