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Steak Fajitas

August 17, 2021 2 min read

Make tender, juicy steak fajitas with this guided recipe from Multo™ by CookingPal®. It is a quick throw-together meal and you can make the tortillas, mix the marinade, and cook the steak using just one machine! These steak fajitas are a classic Tex-Mex dish full of peppery and sweet flavors that are typically found in this type of cuisine. Bring Tex-Mex to your home cooking repertoire with this easy-to-follow recipe.

How to make steak fajitas with Multo™ by CookingPal®?

1. Make the marinade.

Add the marinade ingredients to the mixing bowl and save time from constant chopping by letting Multo™ dice and mix these items simultaneously. Your marinade will be ready within seconds.

2. Make the tortilla dough.

Multo™ has a knead function that will help to evenly combine the ingredients. Once the dough is mixed and kneaded until firm, let it rest for 30 minutes.

3. Bake the tortillas.

Roll out 8 circular-shaped tortillas and cook as directed in a large skillet.

4. Cook the steak.

Multo™ not only chops and dice ingredients, but it can also cook food items thanks to the bottom heating elements. With this feature, you can cook the steak right in the mixing bowl. Remove the steak from the bowl once it is cooked.

5. Sauté the vegetables.

Add onions and peppers into the bowl with seasonings and sauté as directed until soft.

6. Assemble and enjoy!

Toss the vegetables and steak together and spoon the mixture to your homemade tortillas for a delicious fajita dinner!

Cooking tips and tricks

  • To save time, you can opt for store-bought tortillas instead of making your own.

What are the variations of these steak fajitas?

  • Personalize your fajitas with your favorite toppings - guacamole, avocado crema, freshly sliced avocados, shredded cheese, lime juice, fresh cilantro, salsa, or any other desired topping!

The final verdict on the steak fajitas - how do they taste?

Juicy steak and freshly sautéed vegetables come together for an authentic-tasting fajita that all Tex-Mex food lovers will enjoy. They’re:
  • Zesty
  • Tender
  • Smoky
  • Soft
  • & Aromatic!

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