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Vegan Meal Plan- week 3

March 16, 2023 2 min read

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    Fun Fact... Cashew nuts are actually seeds! The cashew nut is a popular snack and ingredient in cooking. While it is not a true nut, it is still considered a nut in terms of culinary usage and allergy concerns. Some people with tree nut allergies may also be allergic to cashews. It is also a good option for health minded people with being low in sugar and a good source of nutrients.

    Miso is also a great source of nutrients originating from Japan it has an umami flavor and with many health benefits such as immune boosting and supporting brain health. It is an acquired taste but perfect for a vegan diet.

    Similar to miso nutritional yeast and offer people on a vegan diet a lovely umami flavor and give you that cheesy taste in your mouth



    Coconut-Covered Date and Cashew Bites

    These lightly sweet, energy-packed bites are the perfect snack to keep you going after an intense workout.


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    vegan diet preferences

    Miso Soup

    This Japanese soup loaded full of umami and with many health benefits such as immune boosting and supporting brain health.


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    Vegan Parmesan

    A vegan alternative to parmesan cheese using 4 simple ingredients.


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    Shopping trolley  Complete Shopping List:

    2oz  / 55g coconut oil
    3.5oz / 100g pitted dried Medjool dates
    11.5oz / 330g raw cashews
    2oz / 50g unsweetened shredded coconut, plus more for coating
    2 TSP agave syrup
    0.5 TSP ground cinnamon
    0.5 TSP vanilla
    60oz / 1700 ML vegetable broth
    1 sheet nori
    4 green onions
    3.5oz / 100g white miso paste
    3.5oz / 100 beech mushrooms
    5.5oz / 150 collard greens
    9oz / 250g hard tofu
    3 tbsp nutritional yeast
    1/4 tsp garlic powder


    Have you stocked up on your staple ingredients? 

    To ensure you have the best cooking options to you we suggest having these key ingredients stocked up at all times, so you have a multitude of recipes available to you.


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