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Maple Pecan Ice Cream

May 30, 2021 2 min read

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Multo™ by CookingPal® has the perfect recipe for maple pecan ice cream that will make the perfect summertime homemade treat. A step-by-step recipe will direct you to make this crunchy, classic recipe with tons of pecan crunch. Multo™ by CookingPal® even has heating elements on the bottom of the bowl that allows you to cook the vanilla bean and give the ice cream more flavor. Make this ice cream today for a delicious treat everyone will love.

How to make maple pecan ice cream with Multo™ by CookingPal®?

1. Make the ice cream mixture.

Add ingredients into the mixing bowl and begin to cook, allowing the flavor from the vanilla bean to evenly blend into the creamy mixture and bringing more layering tastes to the ice cream.

2. Crush ice cubes.

Add ice cubes and let the blade easily incorporate them into the cream mixture until desired texture is reached.

3. Mix nuts into the creamy mixture.

Swirl pecans into the ice cream mixture and freeze for hours or overnight.

4. Enjoy!

Scoop and enjoy for dessert or a sweet snack.

Cooking tips and tricks

  • Use powdered sugar or grind sugar into a powder and use for a less-grainy ice cream texture.
  • Store finished ice cream in small batches if possible. Continuously thawing and refreezing ice cream will cause ice crystals to form and grow, but smaller batches will finish quicker and therefore keep ice cream from getting too icy.
  • Adjust the amount of maple syrup to fit your personal preference. Increasing the amount will add more maple sweetness. Also, using real maple syrup will allow for natural maple aromas and flavor.

What are the variations of the ice cream?

  • For the sweet-and-salty lovers out there, sprinkle some salt on the finished ice cream. This will pair nicely with the crunchy pecans and sweet cream mixture and will add more flavor dimension to your dessert.

The final verdict on the ice cream - how does it taste?

This maple pecan ice cream recipe is sweet and delicious and will make you feel like you are at your favorite ice cream shop enjoying a beautiful summer day. It’s:
  • Smooth
  • Sugary
  • Nutty
  • Frosty
  • & Decadent!
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