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Pulled Pork Sliders with Red Cabbage Slaw

June 09, 2021 2 min read

A perfect choice for an appetizer or party snack, these pulled pork sliders are flavorful and hearty. Jam-packed with barbeque flavors and topped with crunchy cabbage slaw, these sliders will not disappoint. Follow the Multo™ by CookingPal® for easy assembly - mix the salad and cook/shred the pork all in one bowl!

How to make pulled pork slider with Multo™ by CookingPal®?

1. Mix salad.

After prepping the vegetables needed for the salad, add to the bowl with required ingredients and seasonings. Multo™ helps to coat everything evenly with the dressing.

2. Cook the pork.

Multo™ can cook for up to 99 minutes, allowing the pork to be cooked to perfection.

3. Shred the pork.

Forget using a fork for this step! Multo™ by CookingPal® has a blade that quickly and efficiently shreds the pork for you!

  • Though pork shoulder is called for in this recipe, any pork that has a high fat content will work. Higher fat content results in a more tender cooked meat and is also easier to shred into little pieces due to more connective tissues being present. 

  • What are the variations of this recipe?

    • The type of slider bun used is up to the chef! A good recommendation is Hawaii buns as their sweetness pairs well with the savory pulled pork! 
    • For spice lovers out there, add a layer of pickled jalapeños in between the shredded pork and the slaw. Using a spicy BBQ sauce will also bring extra zip to these sliders. 
    • Add provolone or mozzarella cheese and chopped sun-dried tomatoes to these slides for an Italian flare. Melted cheese brings a creaminess to the sliders while the sun-dried tomatoes add a sweet-tartness!

    The final verdict on the sliders - how do they taste?

    Make these BBQ pulled pork sliders for a perfect game day snack or party entrée - the smell alone will make your mouth water! They are:

    • Smoky 
    • Sweet 
    • Well-seasoned 
    • Crunchy 
    • & Tender! 

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