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Paleo Chocolate Cake

June 09, 2021 2 min read


This paleo chocolate cake brings rich, creamy flavors and moist, airy textures to the table while also being a great dessert option for health-conscious individuals and those with paleo, vegetarian, and dairy-free diets. Not only is this cake delicious, but Multo™  by CookingPal® allows you to bake at-home without the mess and long preparation time. Multo™  by CookingPal® guides you through the steps of the recipe, and  with its built-in scale to accurately measure ingredients and butterfly whisk to effortlessly mix the batter, this dessert will be ready in no time. 


How to make Paleo Chocolate Cake with Multo™  by CookingPal®?

1. Mix the dry ingredients with the butterfly whisk.

    Attach the butterfly wish inside the bowl and add the dry ingredients. Mix until blended. Close the lid to prevent ingredients from flying out during the mixing process. 

    2. Mix the wet ingredients.

       Add wet ingredients to the mixing bowl and watch as they evenly mix within 20 seconds. 

      3. Combine wet and dry ingredients.

      Once wet ingredients are mixed together, add the dry flour mixture to the mixing bowl and combine ingredients to finish the homemade cake batter.


      Cooking tips and tricks 

      • The apple cider vinegar helps to activate the baking soda, giving this cake the fluffiness and moistness of a regular bakery cake. 
      • Use high-quality cocoa powder to enhance flavors and to achieve the perfect consistency. 
      • When buying coconut oil, you may notice it is either refined and unrefined. Unrefined coconut oil has a more intense flavor, so although both types can work in this recipe, unrefined coconut oil may bring a more “coconutty” flavor to your cake. 

      What are the variations of this cake?

      • This cake is made from 3 types of flours - almond, tapioca, and coconut - and each has a certain role in making this cake. Almond flour is the main nut flour and provides most of the bulk.; tapioca flour adds the fluffiness and airiness to the cake layers; and the coconut flour provides the needed thickness and structure to the cake.
      • Hazelnut flour can be substituted for the almond flour. 
      • Almond milk can be used as a substitute for the coconut milk, but this may result in a less moist cake. Full-fat coconut milk brings thickness and necessary fat to to the cake batter, resulting in its moist, rich flavor. 
      • Additions like sea salt and different fruits can transform this cake. For fruit lovers, add various berries of your choice in-between the cake layers for a refreshing flavor addition. Decorate your cake with coarse sea salt and additional berries for a beautiful presentation. 


        Final verdict on the cake - how does it taste?

        Enjoy a slice of this paleo chocolate cake without feeling guilty and losing track of your healthy diet. It’s:

        • Velvety 
        • Chocolatey 
        • Delicate 
        • Wholesome 
        • & decadent! 

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