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Strawberry Parfait

June 24, 2021 2 min read

This strawberry parfait is a quaint French dessert that brings summer vibes and sweet flavors. Artistically layered for a beautiful presentation, this dessert consists of chocolate cream and fresh fruit and is the perfect ending to any meal. Multo™ by CookingPal® comes with all needed accessories to easily create this masterpiece - for example, the included Butterfly whisk quickly whips the chocolate cream to perfection. Follow the guided recipe and let Multo™ chop the chocolate chips, purée the strawberries, and whip the cream all in one bowl!

How to make strawberry parfait with Multo™ by CookingPal®?

1. Chop the chocolate chips.

Allow Multo™’s fast-rotating blade to easily chop the chocolate into small pieces in just 15 seconds!

2. Purée the strawberries.

Add strawberries to the bowl and purée. Fun fact: Multo™ is not only a blender or food processor, but it also has heating elements at the bottom of the bowl that allows you to boil, steam, sauté, and cook your food.

3. Whip the cream using the Butterfly whisk.

Using the included Butterfly Whisk accessory, achieve a perfectly whipped and fluffy whipped cream in only a few minutes.

4. Layer the dessert and enjoy!

It’s as easy as that!

Cooking tips and tricks

  • Keep the cream chilled before starting to whip it. Cold cream whips faster and more efficiently, resulting in an airy, fluffy layer for this dessert.
  • Use fresh strawberries if possible when making this recipe. Fresh fruit has better flavor and texture, therefore bringing natural sweetness and fruity goodness to this dessert.

Required Accessories

Butterfly Whisk

The final verdict on the strawberry parfait - how does it taste?

This dessert recipe is sophisticated in appearance and rich in flavor. It’s:
  • Smooth
  • Chocolatey
  • Velvety
  • Fruity
  • & Drool-worthy!
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